Ani Com~

Sorry for this heavily overdue post! yes, i’m finally posting about the ACGHK, or the Ani Com~!! I actually have very few pictures of the inside of the convention though, because there were a lot of people and I was reluctant to get out my ipod all the time (´・ω・`;)


Actually, I went on the first day with Taiyo-chan~! we waited in line for about an hour, then we were able to go inside. Because we came out at about 9:00, we had breakfast at Delifrance then headed over at exactly the starting time – 10:00 – by the way, if you guys are ever in HK, try the Iced Vanilla~!! it’s so yummy >u<

Anyways, most of the Ani Com consisted of stalls and cosplayers.. LOTS of cosplayers. Most of my photos of the Ani Com are with cosplayers ^.^; I saw a lot of Inu x Boku, Kuroshitsuji, Ao no Exorcist, and even a whole cast of the Uta Pri cosplayers ^3^

There were 2 shows – one was a Cosplay competition with game characters, and the second one was the one with anime cosplays and at the very end, REIKA! ❤ The cosplay competitions consisted of people representing different countries (India, Japan, HK) and I have to say, my favorite act was Hong Kong’s – and not because i’m biased! the act was from the Cosplay Team Fruit Punch, and they cosplayed as UtaPri and sang Maji Love 2000%~!! you can watch it on youtube, I think. The girls were screaming like crazy LOL


[cr] to Cosplay Team Fruit Punch’s facebook page for the photo.. although wordpress ruins the quality heavily QAQ

My favorite event was definitely Reika singing though (* ´艸`)クスッ♪


[cr] to Reika’s Facebook Page.

afterwards, there was a CRAZY huge line for Reika’s photobooks – I ended up waiting for 3 HOURS, and I didn’t even get a book! because Reika had to go, me and Taiyo chan ended up waiting for nothing.. although she was selling photobooks at her hotel, she was selling them at 11:00 which was way too late for me and Taiyo chan.. and Tokiya’s cosplayer (FruitPunch) gave her his whatsapp, but i’m not sure what happened to that. But Reika, being the complete sweetie she is, gave everyone who waited in line a handshake and everyone could tell she felt a bit bad about leaving  (* ´艸`)

Anyways, Here is the stuff I bought \(^o^)/

photo-1 photo-3 photo-2

I bought all of this on the first day.. not a lot lol! I bought an Inu x Boku SS cushion for $100, a Sode no Shirayuki sword for $100, a Uta no Prince Sama Maji Love 2000% folder ($40), a Kuroko no Basuke notebook ($40), Uta no Prince Sama Maji Love 2000% stickers ($30 I think?) and a big Kuroko no Basuke bag to carry it in~!! I also bought two Shingeki no Kyojin can badges, both with Levi on them – one of Heichou in his uniform, and him cleaning! so cute~!!

On the second day, I bought about 10x more lol! I went to the Animate and the Muse shop~ There was also a gachapon place which you could enter with a ticket that came with the AniCom ticket. The best part? ALL of the gachapons were about $1 or $2! but by the time I had got in, most of them weren’t that great – the good ones sold out (Д`|||ノ)ノI bought a Ao no Exorcist and 2 other random gachapons~




I got an Eren/Levi stick poster set, Xanxus card, 4 Ouran Highschool Host Club badges (Kyoya, Haruhi, Mori and Kaoru). I also got a Kiryu Zero and a Kuroshitsuji card sticker, a Mikasa Ackerman  can badge, a Starry Sky folder, a Kuroshitsuji strap, a Levi fan (same as Reika! ❤), a Starry Sky glasses cloth, and a Kuroko no Basuke postcard, with them as little shotas~!! so cute~ I got a Starry Sky and Shingeki no Kyojin bag to carry the stuff in. Finally, I got one of those surprise bags, where you buy it and you don’t know whats inside. The front has genderbent Ciel and hometutor Sebastian (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン Inside were nekomimi (cat ears) a pack of Kuroshitsuji posters, a Fate/Zero card sticker, a bookmark, and a weird BL fan LOL! it has Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi on one side (with one guy feeding the other guy water.. what) and and Junjou Romantica on the other side. However, I think my 2nd best buy that day was probably my Brothers Conflict Passion Pink OFFICIAL VISUAL BOOK YEAAH BUDDY Actually, i’ve seen this in Mongkok, but it’s nearly $300… I got it in the Ani Com for $190 >u<

And by best buy would be..



Ahhh it’s so silky and soft and it has my sleeping Kurokocchin on it~~!! I adore it (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン although it was $120 it was worth it~ ❤ they also had some actual dakimakura’s but since they had some “inappropriate” images on them I decided not to get them.. although it was hard to turn away from the half naked Len オーホッホ~

Aand.. thats about it. Hope you enjoyed my post! I apologize for the picture quality – it’s actually pretty good, but stupid wordpress makes the quality horrible and the pictures small gah (from what I can see from the editor)



Otaku Shopping in England


So yes, I just came back from the UK >u< I visited family there as well as attending my sisters graduation~! I bought some anime stuff too >u< actually, I bought ALOT of stuff while I was in the UK. I don’t feel like I did, but when my Dad and I went, we went with 2 suitcases – and came back with 6….



A cute Adventure Time mug from HMV~! I also bought an Adventure Time poster as a present for SOMEONE (I CANT SAY BECAUSE SHE READS MY BLOG D:)

ImageA really cute “Jake’s in Here” travel pass from Forbidden Planet~ it was around £2~ I also bought a matching shirt with the same picture :3 I got these from the Megastore in London~


And then I got ALL THIS MANGA~!!! these are from Forbidden Planet and either WH Smith or Waterstones – sorry, I can’t remember which one! I got Blood Lad, and I am surprised. IT HAS CHAPTERS THAT HASN’T BEEN RELEASED ONLINE YET. So I bought it >u< I also bought Vol 1 + 2 of Kimi ni Todoke, Vol. 1 of The Prince of Tennis, the Vampire Knight Official Guidebook, Vol 1. of Blue Exorcist, and Vol. 1 of OHSHC. I have actually watched all of these, and read some of the manga, but I think theres a novelty in buying the actual manga and supporting the artist… being an Otaku is an expensive hobby ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ) but these all had some good 3 for 2 deals – meaning I could buy 3 and the cheapest would be free.


Finally (? i’m not actually sure.. I have a feeling i’m missing something :/) I bought this book to help me with my school project ^.^; 

Well, thats about it. If I suddenly remember buying something which I didn’t put on here (entirely possible) i’ll update this post.


I also bought this:


Yeap, Vol. 2 of Alice in the Country of Joker~ >u<

Okay, well then I shall see you all later. Ja ne~~


Thailand Shopping

Hai Hai~!

Yes, it’s finally here. The moment you have all been waiting for, one very overdue moment anyways. Yes, I went to Thailand during Easter, but I completely forgot to post about it, and when I did remember I kept putting it off, because I didn’t feel like spending ages on a long, long shopping post =.=; GOMENE! I will try to be less lazy.. okay, well here we go:

The first thing I see as soon as I step into the HK Airport’s bookshop is this.


Yeap, a Baka Test chinese manga~ I think I looked like a real pervert taking a pic of this with my ipad OwO

Well, after that I got on the plane, and it was a disaster. I planned on just watching a movie for the whole flight (it’s only 2 hours) but the movies actually weren’t working. They worked on some monitors, but unluckily, not on mine. So I had to sit there after my ipod ran out of battery, listening to Kyary Pamyu Pamyu from the mini screen as I glared at the person sitting in front of me, watching Taken.

After a few days in Thailand, I managed to drag myself to the Oh! Anime store in Central World. Although there are anime conventions ALL THE TIME in Thailand (I always see people in cosplay on the BTS) there are scarce anime places that I know. If any of you know an anime store besides this in Bangkok, leave a comment!


I bought a lot of things from here. One of the things was 2 packs of slightly bigger than A4 posters. I don’t know why I didn’t take pictures of these, but I can’t find them now so I can’t show you guys 😦 but I bought a Hakuoki set and a Vampire Knight set. The Hakuoki, unfortunately, isn’t as HD as the Vampire Knight set (it’s super good quality).


I got these two cool Vampire Knight arm bands as well, for 180 Baht each. The black one is for me, and the other was for my friend Taiyo-chan. We’re actually planning to wear these to the ACGHK ^.^; I can only hope that we won’t be arrested for looking like Nazi’s…


I got this Chikage Kazama phone pouch for 40 Baht as well. As you guys know, after playing the Hakuoki : Demon of the Fleeting Blossom otome game, I fell in love with Chikage ~

(*´▽`*)he is so sweet~!! now he’s my favorite boy along with Okita~


I got this set of Hakuoki bookmarks for 95 Baht – these are really expensive in HK~



I bought this as well~! Kuro is so cute ❤


Yes, I bought all this manga ヽ(愛´∀`愛)ノ I couldn’t help myself~! if you’re wondering, I got this in the huge Kinokuniya store in Siam. I LOVE IT THERE. Unfortunately you’re not allowed to take pics, but they have a huge manga section in there. Best of all, all the books are in ENGLISH! ofc there are Thai and Japanese ones as well. They have EVERYTHING there. So, I bought all 4 volumes of Cheshire Neko Waltz – which updates SO slowly online. Infact, I don’t think it’s even online =3=; I read a bit of Ace’s manga online as well – the updating is so slow that this May (I think) they released the first volume in english. I might as well buy it myself =w= Well, Cheshire Neko Waltz no.5 is came out this month, so I might buy it online. I also bought Vol.1 of the Joker’s story. The Fanatic Rabbit story is for Taiyo-chan, and the Toradora is for my friend WhiteJunction.

By the way, I used to be a hardcore Ace fan – but after reading all 4 volumes, I have fallen in love with Boris. He is SO hot – I don’t think there is one book without a hot makeout scene between him and Alice \(//∇//)\ ESPECIALLY the fourth volume \(///Σ///)\

On a side note, I love the supermarket (maybe a hypermarket?) Big C. IT HAS EVERYTHING OMG including magic escalators that are flat and go at an angle. It has magnets so you can bring your shopping cart / trolley on and it wont fall down. It’s super cool ^.^

These are all from Big C.


There were also these anime DVDs. They had Digimon, Detective Conan, DBZ, etc.


After Big C, I just went for some general shopping. I got this SUPER KAWAII mobile straps~!



Out and About~!

Kon Kon~!

Today I went out to Mongkok as I usually do during my free period >u< Gomene, because I didn’t have much money today or time, I couldn’t buy a lot of things ;_ ; ) I only went to Animate today~



Uwahwahwahwah~!! >////< Gareki Dakimakura (I think it’s a dakimakura anyways) omg I want it so so so so so bad~!!


Super cute Karneval bag~!! I think it was around $120. It was so cute ;A; ) I really wanted it >n<



Uwah~!! ❤ Taiiiigaaaa~!! it’s a sticker owo I bought it for $26, sorry it looks much better irl haha



Saw this adorable little package and I knew I had to buy it, so I hoped I would get something with Asuna on it.

photo-1 photo-2

Of course I got Kirito lol. Well, it’s cute anyways though :> It was really cheap too 🙂



The main thing I bought, an UtaPri bag 🙂 IT’S SO CUTE OMG OMG I WANT TO HUG IT FOREVER~!! It was $96 🙂 relatively cheap, if you ask me :3

They actually had a lot of new merchandise~ like Uta no Prince Sama Maji Love 2000 hand towels, UtaPri figures, Shirokuma Cafe merch (finallyyyy) etc. Some new Inu x Boku stuff too 🙂 and most of all, they now have a section for figures~ they were so cute >u<

Well thats about it. Hope you enjoyed this post 🙂


Docomo F-06D

Hai hai~!! ❤

Yes, I got my new phone yesterday >u< I was really excited when I was opening it.

I got the Docomo F-06D.

ImageOMG it is adorable – AND WATERPROOOOOOFFF  (*´▽`*)

The phone is in English too :> although the sticker picture function is in Japanese.. >x<

I love it so much already. You can customise it so much – changing the machi chara, lights, keypad light color, closing animation, etc. And you get a super cute pen to go with it to do the sticker photo function with. Although right now i’m racking my brains out on how to get music on there – I can’t seem to do it with WMP… but i’m pretty sure that it’s only me that can’t do it ヽ(≧Д≦)ノ I really want to put “Come on a My House” by Hey! Say! JUMP as my ringtone  (´Д`)

IMG_2071 IMG_2072

Please ignore my dad’s hand lol.

It came with a phone stand, intructions (in Japanese..), a cute matching bag, and a USB charger. Because I got it off Ebay, I managed to get a screen protecter and a headphone cable as well ( ・ω・)

If you have a Docomo F-06D and can’t figure out how to work it, click HERE for an instruction manual in ENGLISH, provided by DOCOMO. Just click the “Agree” button at the end of the Terms of Conditions.

If you’re interested in this phone, CLICK HERE for a video review of the phone. I say review, but it just shows you how the phone works :3

Click HERE for an article about the phone~


A photo from of what’s in the package. Gomen, i’m lazy, and I really don’t want to put this post off any longer o3o i’m also in school, so I can’t take a photo of the actual stuff. Although I got a USB cable too thats not in the photo.. 0w0 by the way, it works on a micro sim card :3


Personally, I really like it. How much I payed for it you ask?

around $190 USD.

Yeah, I know that’s pretty expensive owo but I did really like it, and i’ve been meaning to get myself a really nice phone for a while. Although I can’t use internet on it, because i’m not in Japan, I don’t think it really matters because I couldn’t be bothered to use the internet on my old phone either (the screen was too small, and it was just annoying to scroll the cursor around).


My old phone ^.^ a Nokia C3-00.

Any questions about the Docomo F-06D?

Feel free to comment and i’ll respond as best as I can (。・ω・。)ノ♡



Kon Kon (≧ω≦)

i’m actually at school now, but I feel guilty since I haven’t updated in a while. The other day I went out to Hong Kong Records and bought myself a new pair of earphones, and I saw something that might interest you guys.


Gah – my hand is in there >x< oh well. Super cute right? unfortunately, I was using my ipod so the quality is FORKING terrible. Gomen (=ω=;) I shall commit seppuku later for my camera quality (ノ_・。)


YES – I saw BAKUDAN HANDAN! or more commonly known as Sweet Fuse. OH MY GOD. I WANTED TO BUY IT SO, SO HARD. But it wasn’t in English (つд`) so I couldn’t buy it.. I WISH I UNDERSTOOD JAPANESE CHARACTERS. >x< And it was 30% off as well!! >x< >x< I cannot express my frustration enough.




Continuing on, I saw a game that my friend Yahisa (not his real name, but i’m just making one up now) showed me, called Ni no Kuni.


The graphics are supposedly really good, and the animators are the Studio Ghibli people, my favorite anime movie company (I watched all the movies >x< my favorites being The Cat Returns, Spirited Away, Howls Moving Castle, and Castle in the Sky). I’m sure there are walkthroughs available for Ni no Kuni on youtube, so if you are interested then you can look it up :3

Well, thats all for now. I’m pretty sure Masato Hijirikawa’s Idol Song comes out on the 8th – I’ll check on that when I get home, it’s on my calendar lol.

ugh, it’s raining and humid over here in Hong Kong – I hope the humidity stops soon (╯3╰)


Sore Ja,


Shopping ~Part 6~


As you guys know, I recently went shopping in Mongkok @ Sino Centre again last Friday ヽ(๏∀๏ )ノ I’ve just been lazy busy, with admining on facebook my Mock Exams. Yes, I haven’t actually studied properly.. (つд`) I promise I will soon though. If anyone has any studying tips, feel free to comment! (anything other than get off the computer and study ahaha).

Tonikakuuuuu, heres what I bought ☆


got this super cute SAO fan for $15 at Sino Centre. Actually, I bought this for Whitejunction, who is one of my best guy friends ^v^ probably one of my closest.


Got these SUPER KAKKOI card sleeves for $2 in Sino Centre. Very useful for octopus cards and the like ^v^ he just restocked, so I bought another Otoya and one Tokiya sleeve ❤


got these two octopus stickers of Hakuoki and Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi. Super cute ^v^ the shop I got it from is in Sino Centre, with tons of UtaPri stuff, although they tend to overprice. I got my Gareki mobile cushion cleaner for $40 in Animate, but they sold it over there for around $20 more (╯3╰) but most of it tends to be reasonably priced. These two were $8 :3


got these two Amnesia and Shukan Soine cards for around $40 each. Yeah, I know they were expensive but.. I never see any Shukan Soine stuff in Hong Kong, and this Amnesia card was too cute not to buy.


I also got this super kawaii Miku mousepad. I think it was $25 🙂 again, from Sino Centre.





I got these super ☆ cute book covers. I actually thought they were posters, but yeap. It includes instructions on how to assemble it on the back of the papers. Actually, I was just thinking I needed a cover for my card book, but I like these too much to not put them as a poster >x<

ImageOtoyan~ ❤ and Toki too~ ☆


I feel wonderful waking up to Otoya in a suit in the morning now >//x//< this was $50 in a card shop (in the basement I think?) in Sino Centre.

 photo photo-1 photo-2 photo-3

These Hakuoki stick posters are so cute ☆ I love them to death. I think they were $40.

photo-4 photo

It might just be me, but upclose Saito’s face looks really weird. >x<

well, thats about all I bought ^v^ hope you enjoyed reading about another one of my money spending sprees >x<