Kon Kon (≧ω≦)

i’m actually at school now, but I feel guilty since I haven’t updated in a while. The other day I went out to Hong Kong Records and bought myself a new pair of earphones, and I saw something that might interest you guys.


Gah – my hand is in there >x< oh well. Super cute right? unfortunately, I was using my ipod so the quality is FORKING terrible. Gomen (=ω=;) I shall commit seppuku later for my camera quality (ノ_・。)


YES – I saw BAKUDAN HANDAN! or more commonly known as Sweet Fuse. OH MY GOD. I WANTED TO BUY IT SO, SO HARD. But it wasn’t in English (つд`) so I couldn’t buy it.. I WISH I UNDERSTOOD JAPANESE CHARACTERS. >x< And it was 30% off as well!! >x< >x< I cannot express my frustration enough.




Continuing on, I saw a game that my friend Yahisa (not his real name, but i’m just making one up now) showed me, called Ni no Kuni.


The graphics are supposedly really good, and the animators are the Studio Ghibli people, my favorite anime movie company (I watched all the movies >x< my favorites being The Cat Returns, Spirited Away, Howls Moving Castle, and Castle in the Sky). I’m sure there are walkthroughs available for Ni no Kuni on youtube, so if you are interested then you can look it up :3

Well, thats all for now. I’m pretty sure Masato Hijirikawa’s Idol Song comes out on the 8th – I’ll check on that when I get home, it’s on my calendar lol.

ugh, it’s raining and humid over here in Hong Kong – I hope the humidity stops soon (╯3╰)


Sore Ja,



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