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Sorry I have been inactive for a few days. Having some family problems,and it’s not easy 😦 ill post a link to the rest of the ShukanSoine translation later, as I haven’t the time to translate, sadly…


Shukan Soine Vol. 1 Kakeru

Konbanwa Minna San!

its 9:40 here in Hong Kong, meaning it’s nearly bed time.. (  ゚,_ゝ゚)

Night time?  well, you know what that means..



For those of you who dont know, the Shukan Soine CD series is a series of CDs (well you dont say)  in which your *boyfriend* talks with you until you fall asleep. There are 12? I think boyfriends with all different personalities. And guess what? thats right, it’s the arrival of the DUMMY MIC 😀 so when you put on earphones, it feels like their whispering in your ear.


for your listening convenience (lol what) I have attached a link to the FIRST Shukan Soine CD with *dundundundundun* A TRANSLATION 😀 (well, part one (╥_╥) gomen..)

Now, by no means am I japanese. I couldn’t watch anime without subs, but with Shukan Soine it’s actually relatively easy to understand, so I can somewhat guarantee that the translation I have done is accurate. And so, here it is!



Age: 24
Occupation: Fairy tale writer
Seiyuu: Hirakawa Daisuke
Character: Kind, Onii – chan type. 

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?1hugs9irg1d5u66


Track 1: …Lets fall asleep together..again 

*Door Opening*


Sleeping so quietly.. are? did I wake you up? sorry… Before, I got a call from work, so I had to go out. Ah? you don’t need to worry, i’ve finished work now. Or, you didn’t want to sleep without me, is that what your trying to say? ah.. i’m glad. When I was asking, I was worried that you would say that you didn’t like it. (sorry thats not very clear ><). But I know you wouldn’t say something like that. From time to time, there are times when i’m unsure (worried?). My bad habit has come out again huh? well then, lets sleep.

*sighing noises ><*

To think I would get a hug from you.. rare things do happen sometimes. You were lonely? eh? could it be that you were awake when I came back? ah… I see..  Whenever i’m not here, your lonely huh? (this can also be interpreted as you were lonely because I left right?) So then you couldn’t sleep… you were sleeping so soundly, that I didn’t want to wake you up. But I guess I made you worried instead…

If I hold you like this, you get it right? i’m right here. If I ever happen to go somewhere far away, i’d tell you. Its okay. But well, theres no need for that… because, i’ll always be by your side. Good girl, good girl. Have you calmed down a bit? hm? Today your even more eager than usual huh? thats just how worried you were huh? ah.. thats not a bad thing.  I like it when you do this – I’m always thinking how I can make you rely on me more. Today, until you properly fall asleep, i’ll be here. So, slowly, close your eyes. Yes, just like that. And like this, if we hold hands, you can feel me even when your eyes are closed right? (0///0) for me, just being by your side, I feel secure. Well then, until you fall asleep, lets talk for a bit, okay?

Track 2 : Proof of our love 

But, don’t expect too much. Writing stories (because he’s a story book writer) is my strong point, but talking isn’t. So for you, it might not be that fun.. 😦

eh? ah.. thats true.. it’s not me who decides what is and isn’t fun.. its you but.. do you really think talking with me is fun? aha, whats that? talking with me is great?

No, i’m not laughing because it’s weird.  It made me happy so.. talking with you is fun for me too. (AWW ISN’T HE SWEET (≧ω≦)) I mean, I get to know the you that I didn’t really know yesterday, and now I can gradually learn everything about you.

Eh? you too? Do you really think getting to know me if fun too? I see… thanks.

Ah, sorry! did that hurt? I just got so happy, I squeezed your hand a little too hard.

Are? are you holding back? jeez.. were supposed to be going to sleep, so showing such a cute face is troubling. For example, if I do this.. *pulls you closer*. (sorry if thats not a very clear translation ><) Don’t say it after I’ve already done it? aha, thats true. Even so.. with your face so close.. doesn’t it make you want to kiss?

(woah, woah, woah. ) mm? its embarrassing? I see.. it cant be helped. Just kidding. I wont let you run away. Caught you. Holding you like this, its impossible for you to run away. Your body feels so nice. Your hair has the same scent as mine. I wonder why. I know but.. I want to hear it from your lips. Hm? right. We use the same shampoo after all. (lol what) haha, your face is bright red. When were this close, I can hear your heartbeat well. Dokun, Dokun. (he’s making heart beat noises). It’s really fast. Its nothing to be embarrassed about, I mean.. here. Can you feel it? because were together like this, its beating this fast. It’s because your such a wonderful woman. Also, i’m happy that your heart beats for me. It’s proof  that you really do like me.

More… its okay for your heart to beat more you know? you too? haha, nope, if my heart beats any faster, i’ll die you know? but.. thats kind of romantic huh? its proof that you like me this much huh? and also.. we would be able to end our time here, in this beautiful place.

Don’t make such a sad face. That was just bad wording you know! I just wanted to say how much I love you. Your the person I love most in the world. From now on, I going to give my all to love you, forever. Eh? my words made your heart beat? Thats true, its like proposal words huh? but.. my feelings now.. these are words that fit those feelings perfectly. No, not just now. From now on, forever. Ne?

Track 3 : So you can sleep better… 

To think that this day would come.. the old me wouldn’t have thought this at all. the old me would have thought that having you here, in my arms, would be a dream huh? haha, eh? why you say… mm… its a bit uncool, so I don’t want to talk about it.. jeez… if you show me such a cute face, i have no choice but to tell you… haha, I get it. But promise you wont laugh. its a promise, okay?

The first time i met you, i thought “wow, fairytale princesses really do exist”. You were so pretty… I told you not to laugh! jeez..  bad kids.. get a punishment! *kiss* ha, it looks like the punishment worked. You cant laugh anymore right? Maybe ill do some more..

hahaha, just joking. this was revenge because you laughed at me. you were completely perfect for me, my ideal. Not just in looks, but in personality too(basically inside and out). Thats why, it didn’t take me long to fall in love with you. But, at that time, I never thought that I wanted to date you, or make you mine. I mean, just you and me talking was enough to make me happy.  I thought I shouldn’t want any thing more. I was a coward, so I thought that if I got closer to you, you would distance yourself. If I happened to lose you, who was already so precious… thats why…. even now.. there are moments when I don’t believe that your really my lover. What if, this was all a dream, and when I wake up in the morning this was all an illusion and would disappear.. are? sorry.. for saying weird things. I didn’t think I would talk so much. Well, what I want to say is.. how much of a wonderful woman you are.

Whats wrong? Touching me all of a sudden.. Is there something on my face? its not a.. dream? ah.. I suppose so. To think that you could touch me….. and I can touch you too. You are.. definitely right here, beside me. Because its you, I fell in love. I love you.

haha, cute. *kiss* your about to fall asleep? if thats the case, so that you can fall asleep well, shall I massage you? (omg)

Well, then. Lie on your back.

Thats right. I’m going to move your hair, okay? your hair is so smooth / silky, it feels so nice. So much that I don’t want to stop touching it. Hm? first, massage? haha, well then.. kneading like this is better for your blood flow than just chopping your back. Well? how is it? does it hurt? are you okay? I see. I’m glad. Well then. Lets do this for a little bit more. Its important to relieve stress before going to bed after all. If it feels good, its okay for you just to go to sleep.

All done. *kiss* I properly got rid of all the stress in your body, so you should start getting sleepy again soon. Now, close your eyes. Thats right – good girl.

Ohaiyo Minna San!

well, its already 12:48 though (~ ̄▽ ̄)~

Tonight I am planning to upload a Drama CD track for you to listen to while you fall asleep ~~

Can you guess what it is?

yep, thats right. SHUKAN SOINE~~~ o(≧o≦)o


If everything goes as planned, I will have uploaded the download file and the translation for Vol. 1 by tonight.

Look forward to it!

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