Thailand Shopping

Hai Hai~!

Yes, it’s finally here. The moment you have all been waiting for, one very overdue moment anyways. Yes, I went to Thailand during Easter, but I completely forgot to post about it, and when I did remember I kept putting it off, because I didn’t feel like spending ages on a long, long shopping post =.=; GOMENE! I will try to be less lazy.. okay, well here we go:

The first thing I see as soon as I step into the HK Airport’s bookshop is this.


Yeap, a Baka Test chinese manga~ I think I looked like a real pervert taking a pic of this with my ipad OwO

Well, after that I got on the plane, and it was a disaster. I planned on just watching a movie for the whole flight (it’s only 2 hours) but the movies actually weren’t working. They worked on some monitors, but unluckily, not on mine. So I had to sit there after my ipod ran out of battery, listening to Kyary Pamyu Pamyu from the mini screen as I glared at the person sitting in front of me, watching Taken.

After a few days in Thailand, I managed to drag myself to the Oh! Anime store in Central World. Although there are anime conventions ALL THE TIME in Thailand (I always see people in cosplay on the BTS) there are scarce anime places that I know. If any of you know an anime store besides this in Bangkok, leave a comment!


I bought a lot of things from here. One of the things was 2 packs of slightly bigger than A4 posters. I don’t know why I didn’t take pictures of these, but I can’t find them now so I can’t show you guys 😦 but I bought a Hakuoki set and a Vampire Knight set. The Hakuoki, unfortunately, isn’t as HD as the Vampire Knight set (it’s super good quality).


I got these two cool Vampire Knight arm bands as well, for 180 Baht each. The black one is for me, and the other was for my friend Taiyo-chan. We’re actually planning to wear these to the ACGHK ^.^; I can only hope that we won’t be arrested for looking like Nazi’s…


I got this Chikage Kazama phone pouch for 40 Baht as well. As you guys know, after playing the Hakuoki : Demon of the Fleeting Blossom otome game, I fell in love with Chikage ~

(*´▽`*)he is so sweet~!! now he’s my favorite boy along with Okita~


I got this set of Hakuoki bookmarks for 95 Baht – these are really expensive in HK~



I bought this as well~! Kuro is so cute ❤


Yes, I bought all this manga ヽ(愛´∀`愛)ノ I couldn’t help myself~! if you’re wondering, I got this in the huge Kinokuniya store in Siam. I LOVE IT THERE. Unfortunately you’re not allowed to take pics, but they have a huge manga section in there. Best of all, all the books are in ENGLISH! ofc there are Thai and Japanese ones as well. They have EVERYTHING there. So, I bought all 4 volumes of Cheshire Neko Waltz – which updates SO slowly online. Infact, I don’t think it’s even online =3=; I read a bit of Ace’s manga online as well – the updating is so slow that this May (I think) they released the first volume in english. I might as well buy it myself =w= Well, Cheshire Neko Waltz no.5 is came out this month, so I might buy it online. I also bought Vol.1 of the Joker’s story. The Fanatic Rabbit story is for Taiyo-chan, and the Toradora is for my friend WhiteJunction.

By the way, I used to be a hardcore Ace fan – but after reading all 4 volumes, I have fallen in love with Boris. He is SO hot – I don’t think there is one book without a hot makeout scene between him and Alice \(//∇//)\ ESPECIALLY the fourth volume \(///Σ///)\

On a side note, I love the supermarket (maybe a hypermarket?) Big C. IT HAS EVERYTHING OMG including magic escalators that are flat and go at an angle. It has magnets so you can bring your shopping cart / trolley on and it wont fall down. It’s super cool ^.^

These are all from Big C.


There were also these anime DVDs. They had Digimon, Detective Conan, DBZ, etc.


After Big C, I just went for some general shopping. I got this SUPER KAWAII mobile straps~!




12 thoughts on “Thailand Shopping

  1. Wuaahh >w< The Last time I was in thailand I also bought english Manga (since I can't read Thai *sobs* 45 Baht each manga…so cheap…) I have Kuro too! O_O How much have you payed for him? I payed 25€ ..T_T. AND wuah! You (have) liked Ace? I love Ace O_O….will I turn into a Boris fan If I will read his manga?….So many things in common haha XD
    How much does a Manga in HK cost? :3

    • Uwah! you bought manga for 45 baht?! whereeee D: I bought my Cheshire Neko Waltz manga for around 470 Baht each D: and I bought Kuro for around 400 Baht I think.. I don’t remember D: but I remember he wasn’t that expensive at least ^.^; yeah, I still actually really like Ace~ he’s really hot oWo but man.. Boris is quite the womanizer in the manga LOL xD and manga in HK is super expensive D: it’s like $100 HKD+ for English manga D: thats why I buy it in Thailand when I have the chance~ >u<


      • Well I must add that those Mangas are in thai o3o…but 45 Baht that isn’t 1€! O_O
        I’ve bought Shugo Chara also for 470 each TwT
        Well, you have a better chance to visit thailand than me D:

      • oWo omg my comment got cut off! I also asked why you have less of a chance of going to Thailand than me, because I don’t go often either omg this is embarrassing ahha


      • Well I live in Germany and I hate trains and cars and ships because I’m getting sick of it, literally.
        I also have problems with my health so yeah ._.
        And it’s expenisve to fly every summer .3.

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