Shopping ~Part 6~


As you guys know, I recently went shopping in Mongkok @ Sino Centre again last Friday ヽ(๏∀๏ )ノ I’ve just been lazy busy, with admining on facebook my Mock Exams. Yes, I haven’t actually studied properly.. (つд`) I promise I will soon though. If anyone has any studying tips, feel free to comment! (anything other than get off the computer and study ahaha).

Tonikakuuuuu, heres what I bought ☆


got this super cute SAO fan for $15 at Sino Centre. Actually, I bought this for Whitejunction, who is one of my best guy friends ^v^ probably one of my closest.


Got these SUPER KAKKOI card sleeves for $2 in Sino Centre. Very useful for octopus cards and the like ^v^ he just restocked, so I bought another Otoya and one Tokiya sleeve ❤


got these two octopus stickers of Hakuoki and Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi. Super cute ^v^ the shop I got it from is in Sino Centre, with tons of UtaPri stuff, although they tend to overprice. I got my Gareki mobile cushion cleaner for $40 in Animate, but they sold it over there for around $20 more (╯3╰) but most of it tends to be reasonably priced. These two were $8 :3


got these two Amnesia and Shukan Soine cards for around $40 each. Yeah, I know they were expensive but.. I never see any Shukan Soine stuff in Hong Kong, and this Amnesia card was too cute not to buy.


I also got this super kawaii Miku mousepad. I think it was $25 🙂 again, from Sino Centre.





I got these super ☆ cute book covers. I actually thought they were posters, but yeap. It includes instructions on how to assemble it on the back of the papers. Actually, I was just thinking I needed a cover for my card book, but I like these too much to not put them as a poster >x<

ImageOtoyan~ ❤ and Toki too~ ☆


I feel wonderful waking up to Otoya in a suit in the morning now >//x//< this was $50 in a card shop (in the basement I think?) in Sino Centre.

 photo photo-1 photo-2 photo-3

These Hakuoki stick posters are so cute ☆ I love them to death. I think they were $40.

photo-4 photo

It might just be me, but upclose Saito’s face looks really weird. >x<

well, thats about all I bought ^v^ hope you enjoyed reading about another one of my money spending sprees >x<



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