Kon Kon~

So I have some news :

Just starting listening to Arashi because I didn’t actually realize Matsumoto Jun was in Arashi (I know i’m a real noob) if your interested in trying them out, I personally like :


– Troublemaker

– Your Eyes

But I have a bunch of songs lined up to listen to so (⑅◍′ω‵◍) feel free to comment if you have any good songs.

I also have started 2 NEW Twitter accounts.

if you fancy some inappropriate horsey fun and butts with Jean, follow @Actual_Jeanbby 

Would love to talk with you guys! this is much better than Tumblr. I’m also thinking of making another account – but i’m still in the thought process uwu

Other Stuff :

(if I haven’t already mentioned this) I have just downloaded :

HumANdroid Vol. 3 Type H

Bath Time Lovers Vol. 1

Tsukiuta February

And i’m thinking about the newest Akogare no Omiseya san (✧≖‿ゝ≖) I just listened to Sweet Blossom and can I just

(๑≖ิټ≖ิ)  (๑≖ิټ≖ิ) (๑≖ิټ≖ิ)

it’s definitely R18, but Keita is just the cutest butt ever. He has the best Tsundere thing going on – if you’re interested, it’s recommended from me. Plus, it’s really short – only 5 tracks.

Should I review any of them? :3 I might do so if I have time~

And on that note, an announcement :

I actually have a lot of work due next week, so I might not update this blog. I have an English essay as well as my Textiles coursework and final designs to submit, so I need to start on those.

Ja ne~



10Days with my Devil Update + Other random bits

Yeeaaaass my Shiki bby is now available  *:・゚✧ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ *:・゚✧ and I think Haruhito is also available. I looked over both of their preview thingies – and i’m thinking that I might download both  (* ´艸`)クスッ♪

In other news, I just discovered the Drama CD series called Tsukiuta. It’s basically a Drama CD series with a song, a rearranged song and a drama (like normal drama CD’s). I downloaded my birth month (February). And the interesting thing is, not only is there a guys side to this series – theres a girls side too!

Read more HERE.

Actually, recently i’ve been getting back into watching Jdrama again now. I just finished watching GTO (the 1998 drama.. Kyaa~!! Sorimachi Takashi is soo cute! and it’s even on the #1 spot on the Top 100 Voted Dramas, and I can see why. I loved it! ) and I rewatched Koizora (the drama ofc) and a bit of Kimi wa Petto. I’ve just started Gokusen after hearing some raving reviews about it~

Well, i’ll be getting back to watching Gokusen (i’m in love with Matsumoto Jun! he was SO adorable in Kimi wa Petto ❤ i’m so happy he’s in this) きゅん(ノ´∀`*)

Ja ne~


Ouritsu Ouji Gakuen : Beauty and the Beast

Kon Kon~

Today I decided to post about a Drama CD which I listened to recently and I really liked :3



Morikawa Toshiyuki (Beast) : Yagyuu Ryunosuke

Namikawa Takumi ( Little Mermaid ) : Taniyama Kisho

Ibaraki Sei ( Ibara-hime no Oujisama) : Terashima Takuma

Ouritsu Ouji Gakuen is one of my favourite series that never puts me to sleep. While I do like the KISS x KISS series, it can get boring (I was a bit disappointed with Butler Kiss, but.. ). This drama CD actually has my type – the guy who’s super tough looking and misunderstood but he’s actually really sweet and cute on the inside (* ´艸`)クスッ♪ Terashima Takuma and Taniyama Kisho are in this CD too, and they are really funny together! I always laugh when I listen to Namikawa scolding everyone else ^3^

Tonikaku, here are the translation and download links :

Translation : (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Download : (`・ω・´)

Enjoy! :3


Hi my lovelies~!

Hiya minna~!!

so the Ani Com post will hopefully be up soon (yay!) and I am just posting a few Drama CD links that i’m interested in, and I thought you guys might be too!  the most recent is from the top. By the way, I am in love with Airavalky – if you love drama CD’s and you haven’t visited this site, I would suggest bookmarking it!

– HumANdroid Vol.3

– Free! Iwatobi Channel vol 1

– “Free! (Anime)” Drama CD 1


– Jewelic Nightmare Situation Drama CD Vol.1 – Diamond & Ruby

– Karneval Character Song vol 5 – Gareki

– Akogare no Omiseya-san vol 3

– Anata ga Ofuro de Noboseru CD 2 Vol 4

– DIABOLIK LOVERS Character Song 03 Sakamaki Raito


Seventh Heaven vol. 3

Volume 3 download:


No translation as of yet :3 as soon as I find a translation, I will edit the post~

Edit: it’s not really a word by word translation, but this person did a really good review of the drama CD from track to track, so I consider it a translation :3 the url is below~




Konbanwa~! >v<

I just noticed that I have reached 3000 views – reaching 4000. Arigato Gozaimasu! honto ni! thanks for always viewing my blog, or even if you have just stumbled upon it, thank you for clicking on it. I appreciate that you took time to visit my blog. Please do comment – it makes me really happy to receive comments.

Yosh! Ganbarimasu~! school is nearly over too >v< can’t wait to get really active with blogging!


Right now i’m downloading the Ai no Kotoba series (words of love series). Omg, this has such an amazing line of seiyuu’s – and my beloved Terashima Takuma being included >v<

You can download it here:


So cute~!! >////<

Also, i’m downloading the Amnesia Character CD [Shin and Toma]. You can download it here:


[cr] to those who provided the download links.

Yosh! i’m gonna watch some Shirokuma Café now. Ja ne~!