Otome Games I Have Played

I’m sure that there are more, but I just can’t remember all the names >x< anyways, heres the list of what I remember:

Console Games: 

– Hakuoki ~ Demon of the Fleeting Blossom~ [PSP]

– Hakuoki: Memories of the Shinsengumi [PSP] (not an otome game, but thought I should include it)


– Finding a Prom Date (downloadable)

– (P)lanets (downloadable)

– Heartful Chance (downloadable)

– Re:Alistair (downloadable)

– Witch Spell (downloadable)

– Princess Debut (DS, but I used an emulator)

– Girlish Love Revolution!! (DS, but I used an emulator)

– Tokimeki Memorial  (DS, but I used an emulator)


– My Sweet Bodyguard *GREE* Kaiji Akizuki, Seiji Goto

– My Celebrity Darling *GREE* Haru Shindo

– Be My Princess *GREE* Wilfred, Glenn

– Shinsenrenki (this game didn’t work on my ipod.. none of the character sprites showed up. Maybe it’s just me? i’ll redownload and try again)

– East Tower *TRIAL*

– East Tower *AKIO*

– Shall We Date? Heian Love, Ninja Love, KONKATSU For Marriage, Actor to be, My Sweet Prince *TRIAL* (I did all trial routes) *NTT SOLMARE*

– My Forged Wedding  *VOLTAGE* Ren Shibasaki

– A Knights Devotion (I have it, but not played it yet) *VOLTAGE*

– Forbidden Love ~ The Unforgivable Couple ~

– Office Secrets *VOLTAGE* Junya Sakurazawa

– Love Letter from Thief X *VOLTAGE* Riki Yanase, Takuto Hirukawa

– In Your Arms Tonight *Prologue* *VOLTAGE*

– My Sweet Bodyguard *VOLTAGE* Daichi Katsuragi

– Seduced in the Sleepless City *VOLTAGE*

– Pirates in Love *VOLTAGE*

– Be My Princess *VOLTAGE*

– Ninja Love *NTT SOLMARE* Kotaro, Sasuke

– Destiny Ninja *NTT SOLMARE* Goyo

– 2/2 LOVER

– I’m Your Pet Darling

– Sleepy Boyfriend – Soine Hitsuji

– Sleepy Time Boyfriend – Reo

– VitaminXSleep

– MoeAlarm2 (all bishies~!  (* ´艸`)クスッ♪)

– Voice Supplement

– Sleeping Boyfriend Starry Sky ~ Aquarius Ver. ~ (WHO CAN RESIST TSUBASA AMAHA?! (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン unfortunately, one of the worst buys for me ever )

– Yumoriseki Vol. 1

– 10Days With My Devil *VOLTAGE*

– Yandere Kareshi ヤンデレカレシ

– Kuudere Kareshi クーデレカレシ

– Love and Order, Nicole ( Free ver, available for PC, Mac, and Android)

– School Festival

– A2 ~a due~

– Sweet Crush

– MoteMote

– Mononoke Kiss

– Sweet Scandal

– Office Lover

– Contract Marriage

– Seal of Lycoris ( Yuie, Cain, and Tomoyuki)

– Man with a Pearl Earring


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