Docomo F-06D

Hai hai~!! ❤

Yes, I got my new phone yesterday >u< I was really excited when I was opening it.

I got the Docomo F-06D.

ImageOMG it is adorable – AND WATERPROOOOOOFFF  (*´▽`*)

The phone is in English too :> although the sticker picture function is in Japanese.. >x<

I love it so much already. You can customise it so much – changing the machi chara, lights, keypad light color, closing animation, etc. And you get a super cute pen to go with it to do the sticker photo function with. Although right now i’m racking my brains out on how to get music on there – I can’t seem to do it with WMP… but i’m pretty sure that it’s only me that can’t do it ヽ(≧Д≦)ノ I really want to put “Come on a My House” by Hey! Say! JUMP as my ringtone  (´Д`)

IMG_2071 IMG_2072

Please ignore my dad’s hand lol.

It came with a phone stand, intructions (in Japanese..), a cute matching bag, and a USB charger. Because I got it off Ebay, I managed to get a screen protecter and a headphone cable as well ( ・ω・)

If you have a Docomo F-06D and can’t figure out how to work it, click HERE for an instruction manual in ENGLISH, provided by DOCOMO. Just click the “Agree” button at the end of the Terms of Conditions.

If you’re interested in this phone, CLICK HERE for a video review of the phone. I say review, but it just shows you how the phone works :3

Click HERE for an article about the phone~


A photo from of what’s in the package. Gomen, i’m lazy, and I really don’t want to put this post off any longer o3o i’m also in school, so I can’t take a photo of the actual stuff. Although I got a USB cable too thats not in the photo.. 0w0 by the way, it works on a micro sim card :3


Personally, I really like it. How much I payed for it you ask?

around $190 USD.

Yeah, I know that’s pretty expensive owo but I did really like it, and i’ve been meaning to get myself a really nice phone for a while. Although I can’t use internet on it, because i’m not in Japan, I don’t think it really matters because I couldn’t be bothered to use the internet on my old phone either (the screen was too small, and it was just annoying to scroll the cursor around).


My old phone ^.^ a Nokia C3-00.

Any questions about the Docomo F-06D?

Feel free to comment and i’ll respond as best as I can (。・ω・。)ノ♡



24 thoughts on “Docomo F-06D

  1. Thank you for your help! I’m but another question…when I receive SMS messages it says the number instead of the name. Do you know how I can change that?

    • Sorry, I don’t know! Mine does the same. I would suggest checking the manual for the phone, available in English on the docomo website, I put a link in the post 🙂


    • Hi I have this cute phone too. Its because u must save the number of your friend exactly same. Example : I live in indonesia, usually I save my friend phone number 0819989990 but when using this cute f06d, I must save in +62819989990. Hope will help ^ ^

    • E-eh?! t-thanks for reading my post! >//u//< i'm glad that I could be of help – when I bought the phone, I didn't see any posts about the actual phone, so I was really troubled myself over whether it would work internationally and whether I would get the charger in the pack. I find it kind of silly that a charger isn't already provided ヾ(´・ ・`。)ノ” I was just lucky enough to find a deal on Ebay with the charger and a screen protector included.. i'm glad I made this post so I could help other people like you! Anyways, thanks for reading my post and commenting! i'm glad I could be of help! Sorry for this really long reply oWo


      • I know… its so stupid how the charger isnt provided… –” if knew this beforehand i would have ordered one so i dont have to wait for it… i wanna play with the phone so badly but no battery.. T_T

        quick question. can you text with it? and is there wifi on the phone?

      • Yes, you can send texts, but obvs you have to use the SMS function, not the normal text using an address (the email thing applies only to Japanese Ketai) unless you’re living in Japan.. which I assume you’re not, because you had to order the charger online. I hate texting with the phone though, because it’s a real pain to have to press the button 3 times to get the letter you want (I used to have the Nokia C300, so i’m used to a keyboard on the phone) and also, internet won’t work if you’re not in Japan =3= I do kind of regret paying the price I did for a phone with no wifi and one thats annoying to text with, but at least I know that when I need to buy a new phone again I should just go with a smart phone =.=;


  2. Hi! I have a question.
    Have you figured out how to get music on there yet? I live outside of Japan, and as you know, no internet (/ _ ; ) So if you’ve figured anything out, could you tell me?
    Thanks. :3

  3. Hi do you know how to transfer ringtones to the phone?
    I’m having the same phone as you but I have difficulties sending the ringtones …
    Have you ever tried transferring ringtones from PC?

    • Yes, I have researched but have come to the conclusion that for me, at least, it is impossible to transfer your own ringtones to this phone. However, you can keep trying of course!


  4. I’m a year late but I am extremely interested in this phone but I need a little more info.
    A. can you put music on it by using a mini SD.

    B. were you able to upload files onto your computer withyhe USB

    C. I see there will be no wifi however will I be able to go online though the phone company.

    I wanted to ask someone who really had tphone not a company that just sends it

    Thank you so much. Also you only paid 190

    • I was cut off. I was going to type;

      You paid 190 the phone is like 250-350. I thought value was supposed to go down as time goes on.

    • A. Please refer to my other comments,
      ( Yes, I have researched but have come to the conclusion that for me, at least, it is impossible to transfer your own ringtones to this phone. ) This also goes for music. However, this may have only been my phone, or a problem with the computer.

      B. I only tried to upload music / ringtones.

      C. Sorry, I have no idea!

      Also, I do not know why the price has gone up. I bought mine on Ebay quite a while ago so the owner may have changed the price, and of course inflation is a factor in why products go up in price over time – even a can of coke can be expected to rise in price over the next couple of years.

      Hope that answered your questions!


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