Mongkok Shopping ~Motto~ P.4

Kon Kon Minna San!

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Well, for something  different, with a couple of my friends I went to a card shop in Yaumatei. It was pretty cool, it had a ton of cheap card packs (ranging from 20-40) of animes like Baka Test, Hatsune Miku Precious Memories (very popular in Japan I have heard), etc. They also had full packs for over 100 of anime like SAO (only one I can remember, gomen!) They had drinks, card holders, wall scrolls, and signed cards, some going for over 1000. Thats crazy son~! well anyways, after that it was as usual Animate by exit B1 and Sino Centre. We tried to find the flagship store, but we got stopped by this super weird guy with a survey. Turns out he was a naruto otaku, and we had to spend at least 20 minutes standing there watching him draw (not greatly) Sasuke, Sharingan, Mangyeko Sharingan, Tobi, Chidori, and watch him do impressions of hand signs (naruto), chidori, rasengan, and he was singing Bruno Mars and Girls Generation as well. Well, to put it lightly, he was quite the guy.

Sorry for the bad photos. I originally had really good photos of everything I bought wrapped in plastic and everything, but a certain family member was messing around with my ipad and deleted everything. *sigh* so I had to retake everything.


I got this cute Starry Sky bag from Animate for around $40 something. It smells like lavender~ ii nyoi~ and it has Tsubasa on it ^v^


This is  a kawaii CD strap (?) I got from Sino Centre for $15. The guy who stocks them sells them for around $10 – $20, he has a lot of them. On the inside is a sticker of the cover, and a cute CD that you can take out.


Next I got this Music Player/Phone/Console sticker. It was $100~ >.< which is really expensive, but I dont mind because I managed to buy it just as the guy was restocking. And whats weird is that it’s OTOYA. OTOYA. He’s always sold out cuz he’s so popular~ >o< they had Nacchan too. It was a small store that has mainly just figures.


Yatta! I managed to get Toma-Chan a friend! I dont think I posted this, but my friend WhiteJunction (an admin on My Anime List 私のアニメリスト。) bought me a lot of presents from his trip in Japan. One of these was Toma Chan~ and yesterday while I was out a 7 11 in Causeway Bay (near the direction of F21, but in the opposite street, near the UNION shoe shop and stairs) was a gachapon with Amnesia. It was $15 for one (3 x 5 coins)


Before I went to Mongkok, I went to YauMaTei, and I bought a Precious Memories card pack for $28. Actually you can get these in Sino Centre for the same price, but I had to go anyways because my friend wanted to. The place actually has a LOT of cards. Sorry I cant give directions, but I can ask my friend later. Sadly, no Uta no Prince Sama trading cards – so I had to go to Animate to get these for around $69 >.<




I actually bought 3 cards separate from the pack of Otoyan. I bought one Brand New Melody OP one (thats why I have 2) which came with the Brand New Melody card with Otoyan blushing for around $20, and I bought the Maji Love 1000% card with Otoyan for $16.

I also bought the Precious Memories:



I also got this Tokiya Bookmark. Its so cute~ >o< it was $20 though..

photo photo-1

I got this Rubber Strap from the small Animate in the basement of Sino Centre as well. It was $48~ If you think about it, straps of characters such as Otoyan and Toki and the other idols go up to around $70.(Nyaha I managed to buy one separately of Haruka for $15 a while back)  Although I didn’t get any of them, I actually quite like Hyuuga Ryuuya, so it’s not really a loss for me.

Maa, thats about it. I hope you enjoyed P.4 of my Shopping!

Remember, I am hiring admins at me and Taiyo-Chan’s Facebook page at Otome-Rabu, so if you are interested please, please fill in and submit a form at the Admin Hiring Page, which you can get to by clicking HERE. There aren’t really any requirements, just that you can speak english, and you are capable of taking this seriously and you can be kind to the fans. Arigato!



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