Ani Com~

Sorry for this heavily overdue post! yes, i’m finally posting about the ACGHK, or the Ani Com~!! I actually have very few pictures of the inside of the convention though, because there were a lot of people and I was reluctant to get out my ipod all the time (´・ω・`;)


Actually, I went on the first day with Taiyo-chan~! we waited in line for about an hour, then we were able to go inside. Because we came out at about 9:00, we had breakfast at Delifrance then headed over at exactly the starting time – 10:00 – by the way, if you guys are ever in HK, try the Iced Vanilla~!! it’s so yummy >u<

Anyways, most of the Ani Com consisted of stalls and cosplayers.. LOTS of cosplayers. Most of my photos of the Ani Com are with cosplayers ^.^; I saw a lot of Inu x Boku, Kuroshitsuji, Ao no Exorcist, and even a whole cast of the Uta Pri cosplayers ^3^

There were 2 shows – one was a Cosplay competition with game characters, and the second one was the one with anime cosplays and at the very end, REIKA! ❤ The cosplay competitions consisted of people representing different countries (India, Japan, HK) and I have to say, my favorite act was Hong Kong’s – and not because i’m biased! the act was from the Cosplay Team Fruit Punch, and they cosplayed as UtaPri and sang Maji Love 2000%~!! you can watch it on youtube, I think. The girls were screaming like crazy LOL


[cr] to Cosplay Team Fruit Punch’s facebook page for the photo.. although wordpress ruins the quality heavily QAQ

My favorite event was definitely Reika singing though (* ´艸`)クスッ♪


[cr] to Reika’s Facebook Page.

afterwards, there was a CRAZY huge line for Reika’s photobooks – I ended up waiting for 3 HOURS, and I didn’t even get a book! because Reika had to go, me and Taiyo chan ended up waiting for nothing.. although she was selling photobooks at her hotel, she was selling them at 11:00 which was way too late for me and Taiyo chan.. and Tokiya’s cosplayer (FruitPunch) gave her his whatsapp, but i’m not sure what happened to that. But Reika, being the complete sweetie she is, gave everyone who waited in line a handshake and everyone could tell she felt a bit bad about leaving  (* ´艸`)

Anyways, Here is the stuff I bought \(^o^)/

photo-1 photo-3 photo-2

I bought all of this on the first day.. not a lot lol! I bought an Inu x Boku SS cushion for $100, a Sode no Shirayuki sword for $100, a Uta no Prince Sama Maji Love 2000% folder ($40), a Kuroko no Basuke notebook ($40), Uta no Prince Sama Maji Love 2000% stickers ($30 I think?) and a big Kuroko no Basuke bag to carry it in~!! I also bought two Shingeki no Kyojin can badges, both with Levi on them – one of Heichou in his uniform, and him cleaning! so cute~!!

On the second day, I bought about 10x more lol! I went to the Animate and the Muse shop~ There was also a gachapon place which you could enter with a ticket that came with the AniCom ticket. The best part? ALL of the gachapons were about $1 or $2! but by the time I had got in, most of them weren’t that great – the good ones sold out (Д`|||ノ)ノI bought a Ao no Exorcist and 2 other random gachapons~




I got an Eren/Levi stick poster set, Xanxus card, 4 Ouran Highschool Host Club badges (Kyoya, Haruhi, Mori and Kaoru). I also got a Kiryu Zero and a Kuroshitsuji card sticker, a Mikasa Ackerman  can badge, a Starry Sky folder, a Kuroshitsuji strap, a Levi fan (same as Reika! ❤), a Starry Sky glasses cloth, and a Kuroko no Basuke postcard, with them as little shotas~!! so cute~ I got a Starry Sky and Shingeki no Kyojin bag to carry the stuff in. Finally, I got one of those surprise bags, where you buy it and you don’t know whats inside. The front has genderbent Ciel and hometutor Sebastian (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン Inside were nekomimi (cat ears) a pack of Kuroshitsuji posters, a Fate/Zero card sticker, a bookmark, and a weird BL fan LOL! it has Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi on one side (with one guy feeding the other guy water.. what) and and Junjou Romantica on the other side. However, I think my 2nd best buy that day was probably my Brothers Conflict Passion Pink OFFICIAL VISUAL BOOK YEAAH BUDDY Actually, i’ve seen this in Mongkok, but it’s nearly $300… I got it in the Ani Com for $190 >u<

And by best buy would be..



Ahhh it’s so silky and soft and it has my sleeping Kurokocchin on it~~!! I adore it (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン although it was $120 it was worth it~ ❤ they also had some actual dakimakura’s but since they had some “inappropriate” images on them I decided not to get them.. although it was hard to turn away from the half naked Len オーホッホ~

Aand.. thats about it. Hope you enjoyed my post! I apologize for the picture quality – it’s actually pretty good, but stupid wordpress makes the quality horrible and the pictures small gah (from what I can see from the editor)



9 thoughts on “Ani Com~

    • I sadly dont QAQ because in HK the market has been flooded by PSVita games so I haven’t been able to get my hands on the first one let alone the second one.. I do have Project Diva F for PS3 though 🙂


  1. That Kuroko pillow. *q*
    You bought so much good stuff! KnB, UtaPri, Starry Sky, SnK… *O* Seriosly why don’t they sell that kind of stuff here in Finland (ok I would be poor then…). xD
    And that UtaPri cosplay + Reika. *O* Too awesome. xD

    • Ello~!

      And yeah ikr? I drool everytime I look at the pillow lol! aaah~ meeting Reika was really cool. It’s too bad I couldn’t talk to her, but nevermind 🙂 theres always next year. And isn’t there an Animecon in Finland? :3


    • Hey there!

      and no, sorry! i’ve never heard of it. . . but I just searched it up and it looks so scary >O< I cover my eyes even when my sisters are playing games like Resident Evil! aah too scary (→艸←)


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