Kiss of Revenge – GLITCH!

Yaho Minna~!!

Yeap, Kiss of Revenge is finally on the App store! woo (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ however, from an update from the Voltage Romance Sims FB page..


And in other Voltage news (yes there is more!)


Can you draw?

If so, you will definitely love this!

Voltage are opening a competition for Story Writing and Illustration. . . your idea will be used as a game, and you get a whopping 500,000 yen! the award for excellence is 100,000 yen! For the Westernized Voltage games, the top prize is $5000 (USD I think :3) The link for the website is HERE

If you like drawing, and you can draw, you should definitely go for it. I hope lots of people enter – I want some new bishies with my future Voltage games!



Office Secrets – Koji Nagumo ♪

Kon Kon~

Yeap Koji Nagumo is now available for purchase in both the App Store and Google Play :3


♪Office Secrets on the App Store

♪Office Secrets at Google Play

Have fun downloading~



Yosh~!! kon kon!

Just received news of a new otome game – titled Forbidden Love (on the app store Forbidden Love FREE DATINGSIMS). Very otome game like graphics, with a threesome as the first image I see. Nice. Upon downloading, i’m greeted with a message asking whether i’m 18 or over. (although i’m not, I selected yes). I SENSE THE PRESENCE OF SOME R18 SCENES ALREADY.. AND R18 BROTHERLY LOVE

Heres what it looks like:



What. They called one of the main guys Johannes?


Gomen, i’m too lazy to type it out, so just read from here :3


OF COURSE i’m going to have to “purchase coins” 

ImageOkay, well I am going to play this through for a bit. Hope it doesn’t lag, crash, or like ShinsenRenki, not show the characters at all. WHAT THE HECK MAN, EVERYTHING WAS FINE UNTIL THE MAIN CHARACTERS SHOWED UP AND THEN THEY WERE SPEAKING BUT I COULDN’T EVEN SEE THEIR SPRITE/ANIMATION THING.


^ you can tell that the ShinsenRenki game got my hopes up. I am in love with Hakuoki, so I was really excited to play another shinsengumi / historical game.. ヽ(o`皿′o)ノ

Ja ne~