Kon Kon~

So I have some news :

Just starting listening to Arashi because I didn’t actually realize Matsumoto Jun was in Arashi (I know i’m a real noob) if your interested in trying them out, I personally like :


– Troublemaker

– Your Eyes

But I have a bunch of songs lined up to listen to so (⑅◍′ω‵◍) feel free to comment if you have any good songs.

I also have started 2 NEW Twitter accounts.

if you fancy some inappropriate horsey fun and butts with Jean, follow @Actual_Jeanbby 

Would love to talk with you guys! this is much better than Tumblr. I’m also thinking of making another account – but i’m still in the thought process uwu

Other Stuff :

(if I haven’t already mentioned this) I have just downloaded :

HumANdroid Vol. 3 Type H

Bath Time Lovers Vol. 1

Tsukiuta February

And i’m thinking about the newest Akogare no Omiseya san (✧≖‿ゝ≖) I just listened to Sweet Blossom and can I just

(๑≖ิټ≖ิ)  (๑≖ิټ≖ิ) (๑≖ิټ≖ิ)

it’s definitely R18, but Keita is just the cutest butt ever. He has the best Tsundere thing going on – if you’re interested, it’s recommended from me. Plus, it’s really short – only 5 tracks.

Should I review any of them? :3 I might do so if I have time~

And on that note, an announcement :

I actually have a lot of work due next week, so I might not update this blog. I have an English essay as well as my Textiles coursework and final designs to submit, so I need to start on those.

Ja ne~



Diabolik Lovers MORE BLOOD Vol 2, Mukami Kou


Mukami Kou~ he calls you an エロにゃんこ and a Mネコちゃん OWO (Ero-nyanko and M-nekochan) w w w I can’t wait to listen to this lol

Here’s the download lin : CLICKIES :> 

Translation~: CLICKIES :> 

Have fun listening~



[cr] to the owners


Konbanwa~! >v<

I just noticed that I have reached 3000 views – reaching 4000. Arigato Gozaimasu! honto ni! thanks for always viewing my blog, or even if you have just stumbled upon it, thank you for clicking on it. I appreciate that you took time to visit my blog. Please do comment – it makes me really happy to receive comments.

Yosh! Ganbarimasu~! school is nearly over too >v< can’t wait to get really active with blogging!


Right now i’m downloading the Ai no Kotoba series (words of love series). Omg, this has such an amazing line of seiyuu’s – and my beloved Terashima Takuma being included >v<

You can download it here:


So cute~!! >////<

Also, i’m downloading the Amnesia Character CD [Shin and Toma]. You can download it here:


[cr] to those who provided the download links.

Yosh! i’m gonna watch some Shirokuma Café now. Ja ne~!



Seventh Heaven Akira Voice Samples




I just realized, Rejet’s website for SEVENTH HEAVEN was updated a while ago with voice samples of Akira ( lol sorry I completely was oblivious ) if you haven’t seen it, click HERE where you can see a nice visual of Akira, about 3 (i think) voice samples and if you click the arrows at the side you can view other characters, although this hasn’t updated yet, so you can’t listen to any of the samples. We learn this from the site:

He’s the Ruthless Prince (Otome-Jikan translated it as “The Perfect Ruthless Prince) 

Age: 996
Height: 178 cm
Weight: 60 kg
Blood type: A
Favorite food: Beef jerky

“…we’ll save it for later.

Until the night of the full moon, do your best to entertain me?”

– Taken from Otome-Jikan, lol gomen, I can’t read Japanese >.<