Ouritsu Ouji Gakuen : Beauty and the Beast

Kon Kon~

Today I decided to post about a Drama CD which I listened to recently and I really liked :3



Morikawa Toshiyuki (Beast) : Yagyuu Ryunosuke

Namikawa Takumi ( Little Mermaid ) : Taniyama Kisho

Ibaraki Sei ( Ibara-hime no Oujisama) : Terashima Takuma

Ouritsu Ouji Gakuen is one of my favourite series that never puts me to sleep. While I do like the KISS x KISS series, it can get boring (I was a bit disappointed with Butler Kiss, but.. ). This drama CD actually has my type – the guy who’s super tough looking and misunderstood but he’s actually really sweet and cute on the inside (* ´艸`)クスッ♪ Terashima Takuma and Taniyama Kisho are in this CD too, and they are really funny together! I always laugh when I listen to Namikawa scolding everyone else ^3^

Tonikaku, here are the translation and download links :

Translation : (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Download : (`・ω・´)

Enjoy! :3



4 thoughts on “Ouritsu Ouji Gakuen : Beauty and the Beast

  1. Hi^^ my name’s Razu, the translator of this ouritsu ouji gakuen vol 6… I was surprised to know that you even put this translations in your blog, I thank you=) I hope you enjoy the translations…^^

      • Nooooo >___< I am more than happy to know that someone enjoy reading my translations… to the point that she is willing to share it to others and she link back to the original post. I thank you so much, Arisu-san. If there's any Drama CD you would like to request, I will take it into consideration^^ have a nice day=)

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