Nensho : For Girls!

Hai Hai~!

Yes, there is a new app coming out on the app store ( possibly it already has on the Japanese itunes store ) is a new app for girls, the opposite of the Nensho for men (called Burn Your Fat With Me! ) with cute “moe” girls helping you lose weight~ in English it’s called “Hey, Fattie!” :/


Anyways, this one has all these ikemen yelling at you to lose weight – how romantic!

(´・ω・`;) needless to say, i’m worried about a bunch of Do-S’s telling me i’m fat (I weigh 40kg! ) but i’m eager to try it out >u<

The story goes like this – you are admitted to some prestigious art school, where an ikemen of your choice (classmate, senpai or sensei) insults you and encourages you to lose some weight. The seiyuu’s are: Daisuke Namikawa (Iori AsahinaUlquiorra Schiffer), Ryohei Kimura (Ryota Kise, Braz D. Blood) and Katsuyuki Konishi (Tsuruga Ren, Sakamaki Reiji). You can read a much better summary of the app at Tokyo Otaku Mode. Are you excited for this app? OwO



3 thoughts on “Nensho : For Girls!

  1. I welcome every new otome game app, but seriously? Those storys where the Ikemen helps you to lost weight and then fall in love with you are kind of a turn off xD. It’s sad if they only like you because you look better and lost weight .3.
    And by the way 40kg is fat?! How tall are you? I weight 49! 😀

    • Lololol! no I mean’t that i’m not fat LOL! and i’m not sure how tall I am actually – I haven’t measured myself in ages lol. And it’s kind of.. I mean, I don’t even think they’re tsunderes or kuuderes, they’re just mean lol (but the blond guy is cute >O< )


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