Shall We Date? : Destiny Ninja

Yes, NTT Solmare has yet again sprung on us with another ninja – themed otome game.


It came out last month, on the 22nd – I can’t believe I didn’t notice at all, LOL!



I don’t understand


Translation: Wait no more, SPEND ALL YOUR MONEY NOW!

I actually just downloaded the game now, and i’m already kind of impressed at how HD and good the quality the game / opening movie was. I really like how きらきら the bottom menu is before playing the game :3 However, I DON’T like how when you play the game, and theres this huge ugly black gap. It’s really distracting, and it feels like some glitch has happened and made the screen size like 10 times smaller :l

Well anyways, when you start the game you’re given a tutorial on how to save stories and do things by an ikemen, then told to enter your name, with the explicit message in red telling you not to use emoji or pictograms. Now I REALLY want to know what happens when you use them >u< but as usual, I just entered Hime, Arisu.

Afterwards, you’re instructed to choose yo bishie-man to いちゃいちゃ with. I really like the looks of Enya, but hark the message next to his name:

“Agressive Pompous Ninja

Woman loves this when we do this, isnt it?”

Besides the terrible grammar, there are many reasons for why i’m not sold :/

After that you have the “Wicked Mean Ninja” Hyuga. No, I don’t want to do as your message says. (“All you have to do is to ask my help, obediently.”)

After that you have the “Mischievous Masked Dark Ninja” who isn’t dark but extremely genki looking, Hyosuke, and the “Indifferent Merciless Stubborn Ninja” Kazemasa. Truth to be told, after seeing this screen shot I really want to choose Kazemasa..


I mean, his expression is adorable.

And Hyosuke is just so uncharacteristically black, I died when I read the line:


“Damn Kazemasa, you scary!”

I think i’ve been watching too much Shane Dawson.


“Mean, But with an Angel Heart Brother Like Ninja” Sohma and “An awkward ninja with a hot-cold personality” Mizuki. I kind of like Sohma, but I get the feeling Mizuki is going to be all dere dere, TSUNDERE! but.. I don’t want him going all Ririchiyo on me.. :l

with the last remaining two, we are introduced to “A naive, rowdy boy with a one-track mind” Benkei and “A sexy foreign ninja” Goyo. UGH BENKEI LOOKS LIKE AOMINE HNNGG


But I like my men simple like I like my pancakes – therefore,


ImageHe’s a smooth talker too – I LIKE THAT IN MY FICTIONAL MEN



ugh now i’m conflicted.

I need some time to think D: I will get back to you guys later! if you want, comment and tell me which guy you would want as your ninja husbando ^.^



5 thoughts on “Shall We Date? : Destiny Ninja

  1. Jeez, I chose Benkei at first. He’s so…
    Reminds me of my friend!
    But Goyo — ermergerd — he just looks like a girl to me, seriously. Especially with that beauty mark.
    (Psst, choose Benkei. He’s older, taller, and more ripped than the other guys. Plus he’s sweet. Like, really sweet. :3)

  2. You should choose Benki I played him and he is so sweet to you, he is so shy but really seems to love you. Hyosuke is fun loving, but he has a very dark scary side to him. Hattori is polite yet mysterious. And Goyo is just plain manipulative and is a sweet talker. He will try and trick people to get what he wants, including your affections. Which guy fits you best? I like Benki, but who do you choose?

  3. Unless you wanna いちゃいちゃ with your brother, (Seriously, you find out that he’s your long lost brother; yet you still get with him!) I would avoid Sohma. It was awkward to discover this. I grew curious after finishing Hyuga’s story, (I like the difficult ones the best) so I went with him this next go around… Yeah, I made it to chapter 4, and then looked it up because as strange as it sounded, that was the obvious direction the plot was heading. Ugh, not into incest.

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