10Days with My Devil.

Kon Kon ^.^

Yes, a new otome game has been scheduled for release~! >u< But first things first, I apologize for the lateness of this post – because of the horrendous weather we’re having right now, the internet is being a butt, and i’m also feeling sick today but I will FIGHT ON and make sure this post is posted >O< Screw the weather! nothing can stop me! MWAHAHAHA!


Sporting the catch line “They are almost here to take your soul”, 8 hours ago the Voltage Romance Sims Facebook page has announced a new Otome game – called “10Days with My Devil”  (`・ω・´)


With a total of 5 yummy looking akuma’s, we are met in the Opening Movie with the line “Don’t blame us, we devils.. are here to take your soul”. YES PLEASE. (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン it seems that for a total of 10 days, one of the chosen ikemen will keep an eye on you for the 10 days you have, before (of course) falling in love with you. At the end of the movie, you can see the poor (seemingly faceless.. cheh!) heroine slowly disappearing.. until Akuma-san chooses to kill himself instead ( if he chooses to save you, he will cease to exist) leaving us with a desire to spend all our money.


Here are the bishies – which one do you like? personally, i’m already in love with Megane-kun in the very back. Blonde-san reminds me of Asahina Kaname (BroCon), and Genki-san at the back with the gray hair is kind of… too genki for my tastes :l but thats just me… plus, i’m pretty sure i’ve already seen the other two in another voltage game… just me again? I don’t know, they look really similar to characters i’ve seen before, but I can’t put my finger on it :L

well whatever the case, I am actually really looking forward to playing this. I still haven’t finished the routes I payed for in Office Secrets, Love Letter from Thief X, or My Sweet Bodyguard (God help me..) and I pretty much forbade myself from buying anymore routes for otome games until I finish those but.. (´・ω・`;) I think i’m going to have to hahaha! I can’t wait to get all ラブラブ and いちゃいちゃ-ing with Megane-chan.



8 thoughts on “10Days with My Devil.

    • Yes, exactly! I’m really hoping that in future games Voltage will start thinking of doing new character designs that don’t reflect the old ones – it’s getting pretty hard to tell the difference. But hey – in the English otome gaming world, you can’t be too picky. I just wish that there would be more otome games for PSP or mobile games from other companies 😦


  1. Do you know what the opening song is called I want the full version so that I can download it. Its so catchy because its got this lingering feeling to it! 🙂 I wish they would say what the opening is called.

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