10 thoughts on “Diabolik Lovers CHARACTER GRAPHICS (IDK WHAT YOU CALL THIS)

    • Ehhh?! you’re half Thai too? Nice to meet you! i’m living in Hong Kong right now ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ I also know another half Thai/German person too oWo by the way, I really like your blog🙂 although it’s in German, so I can’t understand it (ノД`) your theme is really cute!


      • Thank you very much >w<, I also like your blog :3
        Well a good thing is that we can communicate in english, huh?😀
        I was like : Yes! Half-thai! Yes! She loves otome games!
        Unfortunately I've only played Hakuoki for PSP and several other free dating games, but I will learn japanese this Autumm (only for games and manga haha) owo!

      • Uwah really?! I want to learn Japanese, but I don’t think I could learn Kanji and stuff T.T I was terrible at Chinese (in HK, from Year 1 – Year 8 Chinese is a compulsory subject) although if it’s speaking, i’m mostly fine ^.^; I can translate drama CD’s and stuff at least~ i’ve played Hakuoki for the PSP too! and I have almost every otome game on the app store ^.^;


      • In my school they’re teaching chinese for free, I tried but failed haha…the teacher wasn’t symapthic too xD.
        But I think when I will learn japanese I will give my best! owo Can you read thai?

      • hahahaha! my teacher wasn’t very happy with my chinese either OwO and no, I can’t read or speak Thai D: I WISH I COULD SO BADLY because every other Thai person (half or not) can speak it D: I can only understand stuff when my mom says eat or shower hahaha! I can also ask how much something is… but thats it >nn<


      • I can only speak, but they won’t notice that I’m a half thai because I look so much like my mother D:. Well according to others they can’t understand me :0

      • oWo people don’t notice i’m Thai :l although my skin in brown.. LOL people used to think I was Filipino xD they can’t understand you when you speak Chinese? :0


      • No when I speak thai! xD I forgot all the stuff I’ve learned for one year Chinese because I dropped it, It took to much time for my studies because it is a free subject you can choose :I

      • I see, hahaha! I learnt Chinese for. . . 9 years, but I have forgotten ALL of it! because I learnt it in High School and Primary :n< i'm glad I dropped it anyways though, because the exams are so scary… people have to go into the big hall and have to use plastic bags as pencil cases :l in my Spanish class we just did it in the classroom, and when the teacher left we all started talking to each other LOL


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