Hong Kong Ani-Com 2013

Yaho ^.^

Anyone else looking forward to the Anicom?


Please give me credit if you want to use these photos 🙂

I can’t wait for the Ani Com – definitely going to go on the first day. If you don’t already know, it’s on from July 26th (Friday) to July 30th (Monday). You know why i’m so hyped up to go? BECAUSE MY BELOVED REIKA – SAMA IS GOING~!! ❤ she has confirmed that she will be going on her Facebook page, and she will be selling her Attack on Titan Photobooks there 🙂 I can’t wait~!!

reika_ren copy


If you don’t already know, Reika is a female cosplayer famous for her cosplays of EXTREME HOTNESS. CLICK HERE FOR HER COSPLAYS / OFFICIAL COSPLAY PAGE.

mouu~!! Reika >A< I want to see you now~!! I can’t wait to buy her books 🙂 I hope she will be selling some UtaPri ones too.


Comment if your going! I would love to see if any of my viewers are in Hong Kong @ the moment 🙂



2 thoughts on “Hong Kong Ani-Com 2013

  1. I wish I was in Hong kong for ani-con! but I always miss out orz

    btw Arisu, I notice you say there is barely anything otome or anime in hong kong…there’s actually a lot!! 😀

    I’m from Hong Kong and grew up watching anime on normal tv (which is how I became otaku in the first place) There’s also so many shops and places for anime/otome things~ (though have to be careful with bootleg as always!)

    Anime DVDs/VCDs can always be found at any CD store! There are a lot of otaku/otome in Hong Kong!! I think basically all HK people will have watched some amount of anime growing up!

    It is harder to get older anime goods in Hong Kong though because it sells out really quickly ><

    anyway~ hope to read your report on going to ani-con

    • When I say “there is barely anything otome or anime in Hong Kong” I mean in places that are accessible to me ^.^; and the very few places I have seen (plus what I count to be “otome”) . Also, I say this in terms of merchandise and not people ^.^ by “Otome” stuff I mean things like Hakuoki, Amnesia, etc. Places like Animate in HK have sadly almost all closed down 😦 the only places I know that sell anime stuff in HK would be:

      Wanchai Market (figures, etc. Although i’m not really interested in figures, so I never talk about it on my blog)
      MongKok (Ladies Market, Sino Centre)
      Animate (1 small store in MongKok, 1 very small store in Sino Centre)

      HMV also sell Pokemon CD’s, and some other cheap places, but they don’t sell anime specific CD’s that i’m looking for.

      And thats it really.. I wish there would be more stuff that I am interested in, but sadly although there are a lot of people in HK who like anime like you say, there must not be a market for it, as even the flagship Animate store closed down.

      PS. Will be posting my Ani Com post soon! I have all the pictures just about ready >u<


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