Newest Episode of Karneval

Kon Kon~!

Watched the newest episode of Karneval last night. Eva / Iva sure is something isn’t she? Gareki was too cute when he was younger ♥ and Yogi… (*´д`*) is too cute!

Clickies to watch HERE.

I will be posting what I bought from Mongkok sometime today, probably (´ヘ`;) gomen, it’s going to be a hectic month with Mocks coming up, so I have to study today. I’m not sure when it will be posted, but definitely sometime today or tomorrow (hopefully today)



And you know what I just realized?

this girl, Erishuka:


Yes, the girl I find extremely annoying and overly obsessive over Karoku (  ゚,_ゝ゚)


Is most likely the same girl from the train in episode 1. I havent read the manga, so I have no idea www

Tonikaku, yeap. Go watch if you havent already! ^v^



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