Uta no Prince Sama, Karneval, among other news


Uta no Prince Sama ~Maji Love 2000~ is now out @:


and Karneval


Sorry I may not be able to post much, I was sick this morning and ending up having to come back home from school (  ゚_ゝ゚)

Might or might not go to Mongkok tmrw – it’s around the 50% – 60% chance I will go www

*edit: lololol this was meant to be posted on Thursday, which is why the links were posted so late.. >.< gomen.

Anyways, I keep forgetting to show you guys:


I got this Orion can badge from Whitejunction a while back. It’s so kawaii! I dont remember if I posted this stuff or not, but I thought I should do it again just incase I didn’t.


I got this nifty memo pad from Animate a while back. It’s pretty cute – with music notes, a space to draw and write, and pics of Otoyan and Toki singing :3

photo-7 photo-4 photo-5

This hole punched booklet is so cute – with chibi pics of all the starish members on the front, and Haruka + Kurrupu and Cecil in human form on the back.


Cute Cecil photo bromide.. but I prefer the other starish members actually.. oh well ^v^;


Kawaii Gareki mobile phone cleaner/strap ^.^ from Animate. They had Gareki, Nai, and Yogi.


I don’t actually know if I showed this, but I got these 2 card sleeves AGES ago from Sino Centre. The Otoyan one is for my school octopus card, while the Hakuoki one is for my normal octopus card. They were around $3, if I remember correctly ^v^; Taiyo – Chan has a Syo one.

photo-8 photo-7

Got this Amnesia folder from Whitejunction ^v^ so cute!

photo-6 photo-9

Got this Reborn folder from Whitejunction as well ^v^ this is the front and back, if you can’t tell lol



I also got these super cool gachapon thingies from Whitejunction. If you want these, and you live in HK,  I saw the LUFFY snowglobe thingy in Wanchai Market, in a figure shop by all the toy shops. If you want the AMNESIA stuff, you can find these by 7 Elevens. I saw one by the 7 eleven by Pricerite, and another 7 Eleven by the UNION shoe shop and bridge thingy, across the road from Times Square.


Also got this Teru Teru Bozu earphone jack from Whitejunction, which matches with Taiyo-Chan, and Tenshi (another guy friend)

Well, I think thats all. I went to Mongkok on Friday, so i’ll post the stuff I bought from there sometime soon, possibly today.

Sore Ja, ^v^



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