Konnichiwa minna san~

gomen for being inactive recently. It’s been really busy for me >x<

Tonikaku, did you know?

A few months ago a new DRAMA CD series was announced, called Seventh Heaven. Although the PV (click HERE to see) was released a while ago, the chara tracks are being released very soon >v<

Beautiful death reapers, who can only be seen by women who truly want to die.

They are “Seventh Heaven“.

Their singing voices have the hidden power to send souls to the other side, along with pleasure.

People say there are seven beautiful butlers living in “Hiiragi-kan”, a mansion standing on the outskirts of town. The mansion doesn’t have an owner, and those who enter never return… Upon hearing this ominous rumor, you decided to step into the mansion.

There you will find a shocking truth, but you can never tell anyone about this.


 – Taken from, credit goes to them for this

Maa, I’m very excited >v< my personal favorite is probably Battler 1, Akira or Battler 2, Hinata nyahaha ^.^ click HERE to see more info on each battler (and other info like pics and release dates), provided by This looks like it’s going to be just as intense as Diabolik Lovers.

ah, also I am actually drafting a post for sometime possibly next week or today.. look forward to it!



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