Admin title.. here I come! (I hope)

I have applied to become Ai Mikaze’s admin on the うたのプリンスさまっ Facebook fanpage. I hope I get to become his admin! I have really wanted to be an admin for a long time, but I could not find the chance to do it. Honto ni, I am a huge fan of Uta no Prince Sama, and becoming Ai – chan – sempai’s admin would be the best thing thats happened to me in a long time. Ah, also if you have a Facebook account,  please like the page!!!!!

Ah, moving on, I managed to win 2nd place on the scramble game played yesterday on the Uta no prince-sama Maji 2000% page. Ureshii desu~~!! I managed to win 3 picture requests. See below: ( I requested for Otoyan, Reiji sempai, and Ai – chan – sempai).






4 thoughts on “Admin title.. here I come! (I hope)

    • Shitteru yo~ Konnichiwa Taiyo – Chan ( ´∀`)☆ arigatou, ganbarimasu!

      Will you be starting a wordpress too, Taiyou – Chan? I think you should!


      • I am actually :3 but it’s not the numbers that count, it’s the people that count. As long as someone has subscribed, I will keep posting :3

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