Mongkok Shopping ~Motto Desu~ P.3

Konnichiwa Minna San~

Today I went shopping with my bestie in Mongkok and I got a lot of stuff~ here they are:


I got this kawaii Starry Sky can badge ~ kawaii, desshou?


This Starry Sky sticker was only $10 ~~ yasui dessuuuuuuu~~


I got this kawaii bookmark of Otoyan~ $20 is a bit expensive but.. it’s kawaii anyways :3


I got these for $30 each, totemo kawaiii~~~ shiawase desu~~


I got these two PSP skins for $60 (together) ~ totemo kawaii desshou? ma, I wanted the Deza skins for Otoya and Shin (amnesia) but until I visit Japan for the first time in the summer (hopefully) I will buy it :3



This photo bromide is SO KAWAII >< I wish I had bought two!! I bought it in Animate for $40 ~~

ImageImageThe front and back of a UtaPri fanbook I bought. I will post some pictures from the inside sometime soon :3


I managed to get my hands on a copy of Bs-Log for $88 ~~ i’ll post some of whats inside later. I got a free booklet of  some otome game (not sure what) and a huge Ranmaru notebook :3


I also managed to get an Otomate magazine~ it came with some Amnesia shoe holding things (to keep boots in shape) and a Diabolik Lovers poster.


Both posters I got from each magazine desu~


I got this kawaiii~ poster of Kent from my besties trip from Japan (≧ω≦) ano ko ga daisukiii~~ she told me it was like a gachapon machine, but she got Kent twice and wasted 800 yen (╯◕_◕)╯ neither of us are clover fans, but I still like Kent actually :3

Ja, oyasuminasai! I will post pictures from inside the magazines I bought another time.



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