Mongkok Shopping p.1

Yaho Minna – san!

Yesterday, I went to Mongkok (Hong Kong) and bought some anime stuff. I thought that as an apology for being so lazy and inactive, I should at least report on some places that I think are fantastico. (lol what)

Here they are! ヽ(๏∀๏ )ノ

1. Sino Centre

Because of my limited knowledge of Mongkok, I never knew this place even existed, until my bestie showed me. Its basically like a department store full of A.N.I.M.E ❤ i’nt that fantastic? When I went around with my bestie, it was fun and I managed to get a lot of stuff. With around 3 guys however, not so fun. Idk bro, they just didn’t seem into it. But whatever, I thought this place was great. Around maybe 3 or 4 floors? I dont remember, of japanese related items. There are a few stores that I would recommend.

1. This middle aged guy’s shop.

Lol, gomen minna but i’m not sure which floor its on (つд`) but I think it’s on the second floor. This guy is around middle aged, kinda chubby. His store is EXREMELY small may I add, so it’s a bit of a tight squeeze, but worth it. He sells Uta no Prince Sama related items such as rubber straps with the members of St☆rish, those adorable mini CD’s that are actually keychains, card sleeves (very useful for my octopus card), and even sticker posters. Last time, my bestie being an avid Kurusu Syo fan, got a FAN (LOL EXCUSE THE PUN) of him at his shop. He also sells a lot of files, and figures. Last time I saw, he had some Hakuoki stuff up, and a major section of Katekyo Hitman Reborn stuff (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ god bless his otaku soul. I have attached some pictures of stuff I have bought from him in the past (´ω`)


Here is a CHO KAWAII rubber strap I bought of Nanami Haruka. I bought it for $15.. maybe a bit expensive, but us otakus spend some money to get what we love.. (=ω=;) but on another note, this guy is cunning. He (and every other store owner in this area sadly) has upped the price MAJORLY for rubber straps of the St☆rish members. Tokiya and Otoya can go up to $70.. apparently, the most popular characters are Ittoki Otoya, Kurusu Syo, and Ichinose Tokiya, so I would remember this when searching for related items.


Two stick posters and a Hibari Kyouya post card :3


I have also bought a couple of files from him as well, such as this Utapri file with Jinguji Ren, Ichinose Tokiya, and Kurusu Syo on the front, and Hyuuga Ren, Syo’s brother, and Cecil on the back. I bought it for around $50, I doubt it was $60. Sorry, I bought this a while ago so I dont remember the price very well (  ゚,_ゝ゚) I think its pretty cute, and its pretty sturdy, as I actually used it (my bestie never uses the files, she thinks of them as sacred haha).

2. CD shop

On the first or second floor, right infront of the escalator there is a CD shop with tons of OSTS and anime DVDS. These consist of Card Captor Sakura (oh the memories) Code Geass OSTS, Sword Art Online, etc. There are a few live concerts on the other side as well, such as the Mikupa. He has two neat Tv’s at the front and the back of the store, so while shopping you can listen to Miku ヽ(๏∀๏ )ノ (btw, Tell Your World is an amazing song I heard for the first time in his store). I bought some vocaloid CD’s there, as well as Vampire Knight OST’s for around $35, which is why me and my bestie love this shop. CAUSE ITS SO YASUI ><. cheapcheapcheapcheap~~ lol sorry. Anyways, yeah. I would suggest having an otaku friend shop with you, because that way you can swap CD’s and not have to pay for 2, which is a win – win deal for both sides. I got the Vampire Knight Guilty OST, while my friend got the Vampire Knight (first season) OST, and we switched. We also did this with out Vocaloid CD’s too.

*sorry, couldn’t find the CDs.. there around somewhere, ill be sure to put them on the press when I find them 🙂

3. Animus

Animus is a strange shop. I think its either on the first or second floor. The reason why it’s strange is because.. well, there are two connecting shops on the same floor. But whats weird is that both shops are not connected in anyway – I wouldn’t have known if my bestie hadn’t asked in chinese to the 2 shopkeepers. Anyways, to recognize this place, by the escalator there it is. It’s got a locked window full of anime stuff, such as signed plates (Fairy tail, etc) and some Kuroshitsuji stuff on the top, and reborn stuff on the bottom. You really can’t miss it. Then at the front of the escalators, there is the connecting shop with TONS of stuff. Me and my friend got really excited when we first went in ~~ They have tons of Kuroshitsuji stuff like straps, huge wall scrolls, and more. We think that it was really cheap because there was a sale – as what kind of huge wall scroll is only $60 – $80? but we dont actually know, so yeah. They have a lot of cute cheap files with kuroshitsuji, reborn, and other characters on them, and some one piece stuff on the other side. In the other connecting shop, they have a bunch of the stuff in the window, and some OHSHC and Kuroshitsuji bags inside. They also have t-shirts :3



These two came together in a stick poster box.


IMG_0396 IMG_0397

IMG_0398 IMG_0399IMG_0401IMG_0400

The back and front of the files 🙂

4. Posters and CD’s

In the bottom floor, there is a shop with various calenders, posters, and CD’s. I would suggest buying CD’s in the shop in the above floor, because their cheaper. As for posters, they are good quality and not badly priced. I bought my Amnesia poster for $80, but had to pick it up the next day, probably because they had to take it down from the wall, but because there were customers they couldn’t. I saw a few ecchi posters (ew..) as well as some Reborn posters, Hakuoki, Vocaloid posters, and a few other popular animes of which I can’t remember. I would suggest paying a visit – I think the shop is quite good.


Well, this is the end of part one. I got some other stuff too, like Wanted One Piece posters from a small shop on one of the floors, an Amnesia Shin figure that my friend bought for my birthday for $50, a Reborn calendar, and even a few small posters from a Natsuki Takaya anniversary set, with characters like Tohru Honda +the other Furuba characters. (The Amnesia figure and Furuba stuff was from a small Animate with various Utapri stuff in the window, and mostly Japanese magazines with anime) I highly suggest paying a visit to Sino Centre.

IMG_0419 IMG_0421IMG_0423


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