Mongkok Part 3

The final (for now) part of my Tour of Mongkok. (haha what)

Ladies Market used to be good for Wall Scrolls, Posters, Games,Oppai Mousepads etc. Now that the police have cracked in, its hard to find stalls with anime related stuff. I went yesterday, and in one stall saw tons of really cheap wall scrolls (going for $30), consisting of One piece, Prince of tennis, Vocaloid, KHR, Sword Art Online,and I saw a huge Chuunibyou one too. Also saw at least 30 figmas in one stall with Hatsune Miku normal and the mini nendroid, one piece, and more. Also vocaloid and BRS plushies. You guys should definitely  go if your interested (✿◠‿◠)

ImageAdorable Sakura Miku I bought from the lady for $90. She had normal Miku, BRS, Snowy Miku, and every other Vocaloid. This was towards the end of the market.


The wall scrolls were $30 HKD each~~


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