Mongkok, Part 2

The second part to my Mongkok tour (≧ω≦)

2nd Best Place:

I put this as the second as it’s close to Sino Centre (relatively).

Animate is a chain of stores popular in Japan for it’s mass amount of anime and manga merchandise. See the wiki here for more details. And yes, there are a few available in Hong Kong, which is sugoi, considering the amount of non – anime shops here.

I say it’s close, but not really. When taking the MTR, you can ride up to Mongkok and take exit B1. One way leads straight to Sino Centre, and the other way (through going straight, and taking the lift up and across the road) goes to a small Animate store. There used to be one in Causeway Bay, but I heard that it closed down, and when I went with my bestie, we couldn’t find it, so its probably closed. There should be a flagship store somewhere in Mongkok, but I havent been so I cant give directions (╯◕_◕)╯

Anyways, this Animate is fairly (while small) good. It sells various plushies, chinese manga, and anime related goods. I have seen some Sword Art Online manga available downstairs in chinese, and upstairs there are some Shounen / Shoujo ai mini books. Well, me and my bestie assumed they were yuri/yaoi or just shounen/jou ai. They do have some definite yaoi in the 1st floor though. On the 1st floor they change do change merchandise, but the last time I went they had some Starry Sky stuff, Hakuoki, Kaichou wa Maid Sama, Vocaloid stuff, One Piece, Inu x Boku SS, Uta no Prince Sama, Gintama, and more which I can’t remember. They also have adorable little bears which you can dress up in adorable outfits, like the Saotome Gakuen uniform from Uta no Prince Sama, a Kagamine Len outfit, Gintoki’s clothes, and more. I highly suggest visiting here, its a nice shop. If you live in Hongkong (well idk if you have to live here but..yeah) you can request for a membership card which gives you some % off (I think 10%) for $20. Very useful if you will be visiting here often. And dont worry – if your foreign, last time I went there was a man working at the cashier who spoke very good english.

At the back of the 1st floor, you can see a bunch of paper bags, with the letters M or F on them. These mean Female or Male – they are goodie bags going for $180 that consist of items that are aimed at girls – or boys. I must say, these items are actually worth it – they come much cheaper in the bag than buying it in the shop. Some stuff I got wasn’t even available in the actual shop.

IMG_0407 IMG_0404

The mini files I bought. Kawaii, desshou?



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