First Post! ( ´∀`)☆

Nandaka, doki doki shimasu ne >.<

Konnichiwa minna! this is my first otome post (not counting the introduction post) And so I am here to post some D.R.A.M.A C.D.S ヽ(๏∀๏ )ノ BANZAI!

If any of you guys feel like requesting, feel free to do so! I am actually new to wordpress, so it may take a while to figure out how to get to the message inbox (if there is one? I think there is).

before I post this, let me just say.. I adore drama CD’s with Yusa Kouji as one of the voice actors. If you didn’t know, he has played the role of characters such as Jolly from Arcana Famiglia (omg) Gin Ichimaru from Bleach, Sannosuke Harada from Hakuoki (jeez, about to nosebleed) Lau from Kuroshitsuji, Hyouga Ryuuya from Uta no Prince Sama, and the list goes on. Sorry if I rambled, but I cant believe he has played so many of my favorite characters >.< Then there is Jun Fukuyama, who has played many of my absolute favorite characters such as Kimihiro Watanuki (xXx Holic, Tsubasa Chronicles (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧) Keiichi Shimizu (La Corda d’Oro) Yukiya Ayase (Okane Ga Nai ><) Aido Hanabusa (Vampire Knight) Kei Takishima (Special A) Yukio Okumura (Ao no Exorcist) and even Liberta from Arcana Famiglia. Jeez, this guy is absolutely amazing! I could go on, but if I did I would probably end up not even posting anything ^^; so, here is the drama cd link you have been waiting for!


Realms of Scarlet is my favorite website. She posts so many drama cd links ><

Anyways, Diabolik Lovers is a popular CD going around now, with its use of the DUMMY MIC (≧ω≦) all hail OTOMATE, they produced this PSP game and it has escalated in popularity and released a number of drama CDs as well.

The plot is about a school, in which a number of blood sucking cases are occurring.  The heroine (you) has to stay in a boarding house will all 6 suspects, who happen to all be DO-S vampires, go figure.

My favorite is probably Subaru, as he seems to be the most laid back compared to Ayato, Raito (Laito?), and Kanato. Although, I have heard that Sakamaki Shuu is sweet, and it seems like the heroine is bullying him almost, to make up for his less S side.

Anyways, here are the translation links for Ayato, Subaru, Kanato and Raito’s / Laito’s CD’s. Message me or comment if you want the link for the other CD/translations too / instead.

Enjoy, minna!



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